Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017: the best part

 This Easter came with lots and lots of good gifts.

so many fun times with my baby sister

the best family Easter pic ever

our pastor and his family- aren't they adorbs? 

a garden party for 30 - so fun

the traditional Palacios lamb cake 

so many people we needed name tags- baby Chaney's was my favorite

so much baseball

my sweet aunt DD and Easter lillies

this girl- she has her own Pinterest board called "me being a mom and stuff" - she knocked it out of the park with Easter morning scavenger hunts for the kids -  she's amazing

by the end of the day the kids were exhausted and so dirty - perfect 

But all of those things- the homemade cherry pies and the Hallelujah Chorus at church and my little nephews being adorable- the best part was what happened in front of the microphone right before the sermon.

Our friend Jason had a moment to share his Jesus story.  In just a few short sentences, he TESTIFIED and it was powerful- his orphan spirit leading to alcohol addiction and his adoption through the Spirit and the freedom he has found in Christ.

It was beautiful resurrection new life right there in real life, real time.  It was the best part.

not a recent picture, but appropriate- Jason holding new life in his arms
Resurrection.  Beauty from ashes.  It's always the best part.