Sunday, September 17, 2017

creative catalysts

Erika Hayasaki has written a fascinating article entitled in The Atlantic entitled "How Motherhood Affects Creativity".  It refers to a mother as "bolder than before... more direct and lethal... she does not have time to waste.... she is more efficient, making fewer errors... she finds new and unusual ways to get tasks done- problem-solving approaches she had not considered before giving birth."

And this is in reference to a mother rat.  (Read the article)

Honestly, the notion that creativity would decrease with motherhood had never crossed my mind- of course my children have made me more creative- but then I remember the sleepless nights and the exhaustion and maybe I can see it- culture would measure creative contributions in gainful artistic employment which would decrease with staying at home with littles I suppose.

But what a world of creativity a house full of children brings!  I can't imagine anything else enhancing creative energy more. We are indeed more efficient and we find unusual ways to get tasks done- we are mothers after all, the most creative sector of society if you ask me.

We carry and deliver new life.  We nurture tiny humans to become grown up humans, intelligent and kind.  THAT takes ingenuity.  We do all the things help our people learn and grow in as beautiful an environment as we can create as we ourselves are learning and growing and how could we NOT be creative?  With all we have on our plates, we simply could not stay afloat without creative effort.

And most of all, as mothers, we cherish our children- down to the smallest freckle, the funniest little idiosyncrasy.  Our minds eyes are sharpened and our hearts more aware of beauty because of our motherhood.

So yeah, we are bolder than before.

We have creative catalysts like no other.  We are mothers.

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