Monday, March 5, 2018

Feburary 2018

Highland parade was a cold one this year- Mardi Gras came early.  Asher was freeeeeezing.  I wore ski gear and Jack and Anna Grace laughed at me. But I wasn't cold so who's laughing now?

It was a rainy rainy rainy month.  

baby Chaney got dedicated and is growing growing- such a beautiful sweet babe

Zeke is confident and strong on the court

and he decorates his room with sports magazines and masking tape

Anna Grace's Mardi Gras bal came and went- she looked absolutely stunning

St. Marks 7th grade class

and Zeke turned 11 - he is an incredibly sweet and conscientious human and I am overwhelmed with love for this guy

I had the pleasure of goin to a photography conference in Amelia Island - Meg and I drove 26 hours round trip but it was well worth it!  

Jack turned 41.  He's still got it.  

We surprised Doneen at Ki Mexico- got her good.  How I love this friend!  

This pup is still my constant companion.  Wherever I am, there he is. is keeping me busy and I am crazy grateful to get to do something I love so much

All the gifts!  So thankful.  

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