Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ode to Jack

I can tell that Jack is getting excited about his favorite time of the year- college football season. Fantasy football magazines have started to litter the house, plans for trips to Baton Rouge are in full swing, and he invited my brother over tonight for a friendly Auburn vs. LSU game on the X Box. Jack loves sports and he especially loves college football. I've grumbled and complained about it off and on for most of the last 13 years that we've been together, but I'm starting to learn how to embrace this passion that God has put into Jack. Certainly, at times it can go overboard and become unhealthy and even idolatrous as can any "good" thing in any of our lives that we put as priority one. But when kept in check, this passion that Jack has for sports is something I have come to recognize as part of who he is. He yearns for victory, success, and for being part of something bigger than himself. While a lot of times this passion has been directed toward football drafts and world cup games, I know that God will use this passion throughout Jack's life for His glory and ultimately for things of eternal value. He already has and He will continue to complete the good work that He has started in Jack. What a blessing it is to have a husband with such passion. What a blessing to have a husband like Jack. And in that spirit, I'm learning how to cheer on a different kind of Tiger. Geaux LSU.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hoping you see your rainbow today

I just got back into running. This week. So as soon as we got the kids to bed tonight, I went out for a run on the wet, steamy pavement after a summertime shower. I usually run a route through my neighborhood which includes a lap around my church and then back home again. I used to walk this route when I was pregnant early in the morning and it was always a good time for me to be alone with my thoughts and alone with God. Tonight on my run I was listening to my favorite worship leader, Misty Edwards, on my MP3 player and the song that came up was "In the Days of Noah." The song is kind of intense... it talks about how in the days of Noah everyone was scoffing because it had never rained before (see Walt Brown, Ph.D., on the hydroplate theory - fascinating). The song is referring to Matthew 24:36-44 when Jesus tells us to be watchful for his return. So it's a pretty intense song and I'm listening to this and I come upon our church on a hill and a beautiful rainbow graced the sky. Encountering God is really an awesome thing. I hope you see your rainbow today.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

At the ballpark

It was Zeke's first major sporting event- the Houston Astros versus the San Diego Padres- a major life event for this little boy considering how sports will most likely be a major part of his life (his daddy being a huge sports aficionado and all). It was a great time. We went down to Houston to visit my sister, Jenny, and her family and as "luck" would have it, the Astros were in town. Nana (bless her heart) went swimming with the dynamic duo (Anna Grace and Cavett) while Stephen, Jack, 36-week-pregnant Jenny, Zeke, and I went to the game. The little Z man did really well. He smiled and laughed and played with his toys and took a nap on my chest and he even sported some Astros gear. There was a mom and her 10 year old son sitting behind us who cooed at Zeke the whole time. The mom was reminiscing about her own baby boy- things he used to do when he was that age and how Zeke reminded her of when her son was a baby. I'm sure that in the blink of an eye I'll be sitting with 10 year old Zeke in Tiger Stadium or Jordan Hare Stadium or maybe even Minute Maid Park again and I'll spot a young mom and her baby boy. Zeke and I will smile as we share some nachos and I'll get to nostalgically recount that first Astros game we went to with Aunt Jenny.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A new thing in me

I've been inspired by my friend, Kayla, to do a blog. I really wanted to do it the first time I saw
Kayla's, but I have been reluctant. It seems so personal. But that's the thing. God made me an introvert. I can chat it up with my best of friends, but when it comes to group settings, I really like to listen and process what everyone is saying. If I do have anything to add, I really like to have a chance to think about it before I say it, so lots of times I end up saying nothing. It's probably partly my natural disposition and partly pride. I don't want what I say to come across the wrong way and frankly, I don't want to sound stupid. So maybe the Lord is doing a new thing in me with this blog. Maybe it will help me to share my heart more often. Maybe I'll just sound stupid. But that's okay. The truth is that I'm a child of the Most High and at the end of the day, that's what matters.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The blessing of little ones

It's so awesome how the Lord has entrusted us with two little people. They truly are his and we are the stewards of these two lives. Zeke is only 5 months and Anna Grace will be 3 in October. They are young, but already we can tell that their temperaments and personalities are quite disparate. Anna Grace is and always has been quite pensive and yet full of personality and spunk. The other day as I was strapping her in the car seat she says, "I'll do arriba, you do abajo," referring to the upper latch (arriba) and the lower latch (abajo). She picks up on things and runs with it. Dora would be proud. I try to remember to stop in the midst of all the mommy things on my to-do list and relish these precious nuggets of childhood. Zeke has begun to really laugh and is starting to grab onto and manipulate everything he can get his hands on. He's just a little love- so sweet and smiley and laid back. I don't think there's anything sweeter than a fat little chunk of a baby curling up on your chest for an afternoon nap. Maybe a toddler's professions of love or their quiet songs of grace before meals. Truly, it's a special time at the Chaney house. If only we could get more sleep...