Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Planets full of ogres and winding your skin off

All of it is extremely typical of my middle-born's pictures:  planets and arrows, dangerous weather and celestial events.  He's always drawing tornadoes and flow charts. 

I find it fascinating. 

My friend Korrie has said that there is a universe of a person in each of her children. 

I couldn't have said it better myself. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thirty five and counting

Jack's thirty fifth birthday was marked by vegan biscuits in the morning

and a big ole party in the evening.
Jack's parents were gracious in letting us and 50 of our closest friends celebrate with dinner and a silent auction at their home. 
It was lovely.
And fun.
Several weeks ago when Jack and I were first brainstorming ideas for the party, I thought the silent auction idea might have some potential.  I had NO IDEA we would raise over $2500 for our group's mission project, Blessing in a Bag, partnering with Aidan's Place Granola to provide food for the poor near and far. From a fishing trip to handy man services to window treatments to folk art, the items donated were as diverse as the fun people with which we do life.   It was an absolute blast.  

If you know Lee and his handlebar mustache, you know that he bid on and won this item

I'm pretty sure the birthday boy had a great time and was gracious enough to auction off the privilege of throwing a pie in his face. 

It was such fun. 
And the icing on the (king) cake was small and spunky Kate who, along with her trooper of a husband Patrick, drove all the way from Alabama to wash cups and uncover food and clean up and celebrate alongside her brother. 

What a gift. 

Thank you Kate and Patrick, thank you Bill and Barbara, thank you crazy friends, and thank you Lord for such a blessed and successful event.

I think we celebrated Jack well. 

So happy birthday, my man.  May your days be many, your peace be great, your joy be complete, and your heart be full.

I'm so privleged to get to embark on year thirty five by your side.  


How can something so ordinary be so endearing? 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tasting the rainbow... and I'm not talking Skittles

 I slip pumpkin in their pancakes and I sneak flaxseed in their muffins, but tonight, instead of reinventing the wheel (which, quite frankly, I'm tired of doing after learning how to cook completely differently these past three weeks), I thought I would just make rainbow plates for the kids for dinner.

 And wouldn't you know it... they ate most every bite of their respective rainbows. 

(Asher, of course, ate the eggplant creole that the grown-ups were having.  What a show-off.)
It was such a hit that we will certainly be eating rainbow plates again. 

And making celebratory vegan chocolate chip cookies for dessert. 


Monkey see, monkey do

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

With these words

Pic compliments of Sarah Baker the Great!
What do you do when you find your friend on your front porch steps sobbing?  I mean, not just kind of teary but crying a gut-wrenching body-jerking kind of cry?  Do you sit back and wait for her to speak?  Do you try and say something comforting?  Do you run and get your spouse?

At the end of what turned out to be a wild 5-year-old birthday party last Wednesday night, that's what happened to Jack.  He chose the run-and-go-get-your-spouse option.

I didn't really know what to do either.  Put my arm around her?  Tell her it was going to be okay?  Of course, I asked what it was- what could possibly be this bad. 

Come to find out, it was Zoe.  

Because I was about to host six very spirited four and five-year-old boys, Nora had suggested that she take my miniature schnauzer off of my hands for the duration.  Through the sobs, I gathered that Zoe had escaped and at the moment was at large, roaming the streets of her neighborhood.

I was so relieved.  I felt so badly that Nora was so upset but I was also so relieved.  At that moment, I knew, I mean I really KNEW that it was all going to be okay. Zoe was a great escape artist and had slipped away many times before. I KNEW that she'd find her way back.  Even if she didn't (although I was certain she would), it was very clear to me that it would all work out.  

I told her, with great certainty, that it would be okay.  And it was.  Zoe came back, end of story.  

But the thing is, next time, it could be something much more dire and it may not end so well.  Trouble looms in all of our futures.  Next time, I could be the one on the front porch sobbing.  I'm sure one day I will.  

Thank goodness we have each other.

In 1 Thessalonians 4:13, the command is to "... encourage each other with these words."  The words to which Paul is referring are about the hope of the resurrection and the knowledge that Jesus will return and we will "be with the Lord forever."  Of course we grieve and mourn the pain and loss of this world, but we don't grieve without this hope.  

And we are to to encourage each other with these words. 

A few days later, Nora and I were scheduled to run our 12 mile long run as prescribed by our half-marathon training program.  I wasn't sure if I could make it in the cold and the rain of last Saturday morning, but we put on our rain gear anyway and headed out to run the edges of three Shreveport neighborhoods.  When David Crowder started wailing the words of his song "Shadows" through my iphone's ear buds, it all came together for me.  

When all seems lost 
When we're thrown and we're tossed
We remember the cost
We rest in Him
Shadow of the cross

Whether it's a run away dog or something much more serious that doesn't end well- no matter what it is- we must always remember to remind each other that we can rest in Him, in the shadow of the cross.

We suffer but we suffer with HOPE knowing that Jesus has paid the price to make it all right again.

Despite the puddles and the wind, Nora and I made it on Saturday. 

And hopefully, no matter what puddles and wind or runaway dogs we encounter the rest of our days, we will remember the cost, we'll rest in Him, in the shadow of the cross. 

And we will encourage each other with these words.  

What she saw

 Photography by Anna Grace!

I love her little hand... looking for the light!

She loved this one.

Good eye, AG!

Monday, February 20, 2012

My full nest

While AG and Z were riding teacups and visiting with Cinderella at the Magic Kingdom with their grandparents, Jack and I were remembering what it was like to have only one kid around.

It was a piece of cake.

A walk in the park if you will.

It was also a strange kind of quiet and I'll be honest and say I enjoyed the respite, but man...

... when Asher ran around in circles screaming "YAY!!! YAY!!!" when they got home, I understood his sentiment.

I missed my babies.

I so missed them.

And then they went all kinds of crazy and I lost my temper, but still.

I'm so glad they're home.

It may be messy and crazy and loud, but it's a full and wonderful and hysterical kind of life.

Thank you, Jesus, for my full nest.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The big 5

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday 

dear Zeke

Happy birthday to you!  

Swinging up the learning curve

vegan orange cranberry muffins

Did you know about the benefits of flaxseed and how if you grind them and add water they are a great egg substitute?

Did you know about all the health benefits of nutritional yeast?

Did you know that kale can make a really delicious green smoothie?

I'm learning all kinds of things these days.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

B is for baby

Last Friday we had a couples baby shower with an alphabetical theme.  You know... everybody is assigned a letter to use as a theme?  H was easy enough and the homemade cap wins cutest present award.

What do you buy for K?  Ketchup, of course.  All babies need ketchup.  

And let's just say, some people got really creative.  

What a fun way to bless the newest little member into our community of believers! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Z man!

Thoughtful, fun, loving, silly, and five years old today.