Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A recitation

I have recently been inspired to get consistent with our little morning devotionals before we pile into the car for school.  It has been wonderful in its simplicity.  I don't need an instructional book and I didn't have to attend a seminar to learn how to do this.  All I needed was a Bible and a little working knowledge on where and how my three very different kids can relate to scripture.  We actually started at Psalm 1 but when I realized things were getting lost on them, we moved to the very familiar, practical, and profoundly comforting Psalm 23.  My almost-two-year-old does little more than copy our little made up hand motions, but the other two pretty much have it down pat.  It takes us 5-15 minutes every day but those small minutes may be our most important of the day.  I don't always remember, I don't always plan ahead well enough to have enough time, and oh my word but my house looks like a tornado has blown through when we finally walk out the door.  But even so, our little efforts to gather and learn scripture and pray before we tackle all that is before us are so important and so formative for a readied heart before the Lord. 

The fact of the matter is that I won't always be there for them.   I can't be.  There will be times when they are afraid or alone or unsure and in those moments, they will be able to remember what the Lord has written on their hearts- that He is their Shepherd, that he is with them, that he comforts them, that he provides for them in all of their need.

That they will be able to recite and remember and pray Psalm 23 is important and formative.

It's not always easy, but I'm letting Zeke's sweet recitation serve as pep talk to this momma- this tired momma- that it's always worth the effort.  

And that truly, my cup overflows. 

**Please forgive the poor video quality. I had a little monkey climbing all over me the whole time.  I'm sure you understand. 


lifeinthevillage said...

Oh that IS fabulous. I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Precious, so very precious. You have blessed my day Zeke! Sweet like honey is the time that is required. May your honeycomb also be running over! Love, AS

Lauren said...

I needed this! All so important, and so true.