Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three for Thursday: things to see, read, and eat

Thanks to my friend Nicole for a great pic!

1.  The movie Chimpanzee is outstanding.  You should go see it. The cinematography is stunning and the story is amazing.  I was captivated by every part of this movie.  Take the kids, grab the popcorn and GO! 

2. You should read this blog post.  I was so moved by it this week- especially in thinking how the Lord loves to just watch us in action.  Good stuff. 

3.  I've linked before, but seriously, this chickpea recipe is so delicious.  You should eat it. 

That's all for now...



Rebekah said...

I read that post you linked us to.. well I cried.

Hands Free Mama said...

Thank you for sharing my blog post, "Six Words You Should Say." I am overjoyed by how many people have read it and are implementing this phrase with their children, students, and athletes. Thank you for helping spreading this loving and encouraging message!