Monday, April 16, 2012

Thrice blessed

Anna Grace's seventh year has been absolutely incredible.  
She is hilarious and very clever.
Her latest feat was putting Asher to bed all by herself including a bath and diaper change and book reading and the whole SHA-BANG!  In fact, that's a good word for her.  SHA-BANG!  She would like that. 

Zeke is growing in strength of spirit everyday.  (I love this picture, too, Kayla).
He is sweetly silly and extremely loyal.  
His latest exploit was taking the scissors to his hair which is a bit ironic considering how particular he is about that and other things. 
And I've noticed Zeke taking things in even when it seems like he's not listening.  He's a SPONGE. 

Asher is embarking upon his independence.
He possesses and expresses strong emotion and is very adventurous- generally ready for whatever, whenever.  And yet I've never met a more of a cuddley baby in my life. 
He discovered roly poly bugs AND how to poop on the potty today.  He seems so small for undies, but I think we'll be going that way sooner rather than later.  
He's little, but he's getting so BIG.  In about four weeks, we'll be celebrating two years of Asher.

And time, she keeps on a flyin'.

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lifeinthevillage said...

i like them too.

and miss them.

and you too!