Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer time

 We've inaugurated summer with floaties and zip lines and wild rides on inflatable tubes down the Red River.  And beach themed cupcakes, of course. 
Aren't these so cute?  My friend Robyn was the talented baker for our little friends third birthday.

 And while my kids are enjoying their freedom and my mom's company (which by the way is amazing and scheduled hourly including time to "discover new ideas"), I am back at my day job, physical therapizing some pretty neat kiddos.  Even though the pace of life hasn't slowed, it's still good to be back even if it's just for a little while.

And until I can come up for air again, I leave you with Anna Grace's zip line plunge. 

Happy summer! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thus far

Jack's grandfather, ZC Dunaway, aka Paw Paw Zeke served in the Korean War

"Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, 'Thus far has the LORD helped us.'" I Samuel 7:12

Most of my peers and I have grandfathers who engaged in one military conflict or another.  They are known as the Greatest Generation and it's easy to see why.  In contrast to my apathy and general disillusionment, these were men and women of conviction and a firm commitment to justice and the cause of liberty.

Throughout the Old Testament, the patriarchs and prophets are described as a people who were called to remember.  People who erected ebenezer stones to serve as a reminder of what the Lord has done, how He intervened, and the ways in which He has shown His great love.

I'm as guilty as anyone else of spending Memorial Day basking in the sun and worrying about what I'm going to bring to the potluck instead of remembering, but this Memorial Day, I am taking this moment to be thankful for how the Lord has sustained us and protected us through the men and women like Paw Paw Zeke who didn't hold on so tightly to this life that they compromised the cause of and their convictions for freedom. 

War is nothing short of absolutely horrific and the complexities of the theological implications of the sovereignty of God throughout human history are too much for me to understand, but I do know I'm thankful for the Greatest Generation and those like them.  Their lives exude honor and virtue and bravery.

Today, may we all set up an ebenezer stone in our hearts and in our minds, remembering those who have gone before us, paving the way for us to be free.  And even as we remember and honor these men and women, may we have thankful hearts unto the Lord, like Samuel, for how he has helped us
thus far. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back home

Credence Clearwater Revival comes to mind.

When I was a little bitty baby, my momma would rock me in the cradle
In them old.... [blueberry] fields back home...
 It was down in Louisiana just about [100 miles] from Texarkana...
 In them old
 [blueberry] fields
 back home. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Little Rock

 In the early morning hours of Thursday, Lydia, Korrie, baby Luke and I convened at Arkansas Children's hospital overlooking Little Rock's capital building.  I know that many of you were praying with us for Jubilee during her surgery and I'm happy to report that all went very well.  From Korrie's homemade cinnamon rolls, to Lydia's powerful intercession, to Kayla's stellar mothering, to Jubilee's strength of spirit and resilience, it was all just really sweet. 
Light caught Kayla's hazel eyes as she unloaded news and stories about what has been going on with her family and their plans for the future.  We got caught up on a lot of things in that waiting room. That Dos Equis guy who claims to be the most interesting man in the world?  He ain't got nothin' on Kayla. 

I wish I had gotten a picture of Jubilee in her little yellow scrubs with that smile of hers that made all the doctors and nurses go completely ga-ga, but I guess I'll have to wait until June when I see them again to capture the smile.  I didn't have my camera pre-op.

But we were able to lay hands on her sweet self and her momma and pray before they whisked her away. 
 Again, all went well and aside from a little upset stomach, it just went smashingly.  I think little Jubilee is proving to be just as strong and beautiful as her momma. 

Strong and beautiful.  Beautiful and strong indeed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And we're off!



for summer!


My days have lately been filled with parent-teacher conferences and end of the year parties and award ceremonies and ballet recital rehearsals and needless to say, I'm really excited for a potential slow down for summer.

I say potential because I'm working my old physical therapy job three days next week and after that, June's weekends are almost as full as July's.  

But, oh, how I savor the summer with its sunscreeny smells and its long evening sun and its lingering feel.

AND, and, and, and, to kick start the summer, I get to go see and pray with and over these little ladies tomorrow in Arkansas!!!!

I can hardly believe it.  

What a great start to Summer 2012.  

To the Natural State!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Old-fashioned fun

Oh man, my dad would have loved it.  The catfish, the homemade desserts, the banjo, the good friends, and those old, old hymns that just never really grow old.

I could just see him, swinging his arms with a wide grin on his face...

Oh, victory in Jesus,
My savior forever
He sought me
And he bought me
With his redeeming blood

He loved me
Ere I knew him
And all my love
Is due him
He plunged me to victory
Beneath the
Cleansing flood
Victory in Jesus indeed. 

Thank you, Jesus, and thanks, FBC, for the reminder, the fellowship, the food, the music, and the old-fashioned fun. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What's trending at our house

This morning, Jack and I were discussing our late start on the day when he made the bold assertion that "a lot of people on the internet are saying" that the delay was not my insomnia, but it was, in fact, just me.  

Leave it to my husband to turn mundane daily conversation into a ridiculous diatribe that inspires little smirks throughout the day.

Today, we'll be discussing what "people on the internet" are saying about the goings-on at our house. 






All popular hash tags, I'm sure.

I love that JLC. 


Terrifically two

 Oh, Asher Adam, my goodness, how you've grown!

 It only seems like a minute ago that Anna Grace was snuggling your sweet newborn head and Zeke was smiling a proud big brother smile. 
 But now... look at you.  You're your own little person, fearfully and wonderfully made, eating ice cream all by yourself. 
 You're two.  You're tenacious, hysterical, smart, thoughtful, loving, opinionated, outgoing, and two. 

 So, happy birthday, sweet Asher. 
 Remember your story, know you are loved, and happy, happy birthday. 
And here's to year three!

Golf balls and hula hoops

 Last weekend's fun included hitting golf balls with Pop Pop and Be Be.  Zeke loved it. 

And let me just say, Pop Pop is of course a good golfer but he also knows his way around a hula hoop.  Hysterical fun.
 As always, we had a great time and we are blessed beyond measure in just being together. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012