Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday morning gifts

702.  our Guatamala team back safely, feeling like a part of it even though I didn't actually go
703.  my husband's love blooming red on my kitchen counter
704.  a virus that kept Asher and me home this Sunday morning resulting in quiet rejuvenating moments with You
705.  medicine that breaks a fever
706.  present sufferings not even comparable to future glory revealed
707.  the Spirit of adoption by which we cry to You, our Abba, Father

708. Blessed Assurance sung over my baby boy- our own worship service

Saturday, June 29, 2013

birds and dreams and the counting continues

693. a Mississippi kite on a tennis ball, a barred owl with big eyes, and a bald eagle that seemed to talk back
694. a short hike with my three wonders
695. the beautiful and holy institution that is a family
696. all five of us together at the movie theater
697. a delicious night at the Ostendorffs with the small group
698. an uninterrupted morning chat with Jack about dreams
699. a bag full of homegrown spinach and onions
700. headscarves to brighten things up
701. our spirited (very spirited) kids

Thursday, June 27, 2013

from ancho to xylophone

687. the xylophones at AC Steere park and how the kids rotated through them like volleyball players
688. light dancing through water mist at the splash park
689.  swimming pools
690.  ancho chile peppers in season
691.  a black and blue finger unbroken
692.  Greer friends blessing us with their after-school presence

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


682.  AG's gift for gab and how we fit together- she talks, I listen
683.  Adventures in Odyssey streaming through chores
684.  children growing
685.  successful falafel
686.  a backyard chat with You, Your bringing things in focus

Monday, June 24, 2013

Texas sized gifts

669. fried green tomatoes at Jucy's, 12:17 pm
670. Jenny's hospitality
671. much laughter with my cousins and siblings
672. the sound of eight other shoes hitting the pavement with my own- a fun run
673. cold watermelon
674. Andalusian horses graceful and stunning
675. the fun of cheering with a row of green crowned family members
676. our 8th floor worship service
677. my grandmother's laugh lines and cheekbones still revealing of her heart
678. Sunday wanderings in Dallas' Bishop Arts district- a happy accident
679. toilet paper rolls turned race cars
680. crayons to melt and drip
681. crickets singing at dusk

George Dent's family, reunioned