Sunday, August 18, 2013

one thousand

995.  how You made it so that the earth yeilds food and we are sustained
996.  a gaggle of one-year-olds to snuggle during today's sermon
997.  Lauren O., her friendship and the light in her eyes
998.  spotting Jack's handwriting, almost like his face in a crowd (on three hole punched paper)
999.  a game of red light, green light, ninja light, bunny light with the kids
1000.  Jesus, our Lord, our Savior, our Light, our Good Shephard

"How did I ever think there was another way to enter into His courts but with thanksgiving?"  A. Voskamp

coming soon - reflections on eucharisteo and One Thousand Gifts, a book report


Jack said...

Well done getting to 1000!



lifeinthevillage said...

You made it!!!! Amazing. And you know I read it this summer? Actually finished it when we were in the hospital? Crazy timing seriously. But really good. Really good.