Thursday, August 29, 2013

there's a plan

There was a one hour window of time on Monday afternoon in which I got not one, not two, but three different texts about someone in our community having suddenly and tragically lost their life.  A nephew of a dear friend, a co-worker from my former outpatient clinic, and the little brother of another precious friend- all gone in an instant.   

I prayed.  Isn't that all you can do?  I knew my friends wouldn't be getting any sleep Monday night.  None at all.  I knew that they would be feeling that gut wrenching kind of grief that strikes you so suddenly that your brain absolutely cannot even begin to catch up with the emotions of your heart. Your eyes are wide and your tears come and go as you waver between the heart break and the total shock of the news.  I prayed.

What kept coming to my mind in the next few days, however, was God's sovereignty and how we should really press into that always, but especially when we grieve.  I'm teaching it to my third-fifth grade Sunday School class:  God has a plan. We're memorizing a general timeline over the next several weeks, tying together all of the characters and writings of the Bible, fitting them into what is a very coherent and well thought out and implemented plan- God's plan through history.

The comforting thing about looking back and remembering and learning this plan is that there is one.  And not only that, it's a plan yet to be completed.  We're living in an in-between kind of reality- one in which the plan of salvation is to be proclaimed and spread so that as many as possible can live with their Creator forever and ever in a world without phone calls of tragic and untimely deaths.

God has a plan.  It will come to fruition.  He will make all things new.

Until then, we know that He is very near to the brokenhearted.  We pray for that nearness to be very real to our friends who suffer.  And maybe it's trite, but it shouldn't be because it's so true:

Our faithful God? He has a plan. 

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Jennifer said...

I hear ya sis. I saw on FB a couple of days ago and wondered if you knew and then I thought, of course, she lives in the 'Port. So sorry to hear about it.