Friday, November 29, 2013


She is funny and SO spunky and she is generous (SO generous- giving is her gift) and fiercely loyal and she can cook... oh my word can she cook.  She's the kind of grandmother that plays games with the kids DURING THE LSU GAME and she thinks they're so funny and so good even if maybe they're not all the time.  If there's a problem she's gonna try and fix it (like if your dog has gas, by god, she's gonna find the gas pills at the pet store no matter who she has to talk to).  She works with her hands making things- always making things- knitting or sewing or even doing what you meant to call the handyman to do because, y'all, she wields tools like a pro.  If you ran into her in a waiting room somewhere and it were just you two, you wouldn't lack for conversation.  She can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime and people love her for it. 

She is our Barbara, our BeBe. 

She is so loved and she loves us all so well.  

It may be a little late, but I wish you a happy birthday, Barbara!   

We are all blessed by your life and your love.  

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Bebe said...

Best gift ever!!!!! Love every one of you chaneys!