Friday, November 15, 2013

Links from my love

Jack and I practiced Matt Heerema's Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Date Night this past Wednesday. We breathed our sigh of relief, thanked God for our babysitter, exchanged war stories, downloaded the week, hoped and dreamed, prayed, and enjoyed each other greatly and it was glorious.

Here's hoping our date nights continue to be consistent and highly effective.  

Cheers, JLC!  I am so in love with you. 

Side note:  Because he's awesome, Jack sends me all kinds of cool links that you should check out, too:  Amazing snowflake photography, surreal places of the world, and ways to keep your brain top notch

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Anonymous said...

Great picture of you guys! I was able to enjoy two of the three sites, thanks for sharing. Those shots of the snowflakes were awesome. They almost didn't look real but then I reminded myself of all the very awesome things that God has created for our pleasure! AS