Sunday, November 30, 2014

November's blur, December's prayer

November in a blur of joy and color and light and blessing and struggle.

I have a friend who is one of these people who can get up and sing with poise and grace, belting out notes like she belongs on one of those competition shows.  I can totally see her nodding her head and smiling, thanking the judges as they told her how great she was. 

But during this morning's service, she started singing it and it was hard:

breath of heaven
hold me together
be forever near me
breath of heaven
breath of heaven
lighten my darkness
pour over me your holiness
for you are holy
breath of heaven*

She suddenly stopped, choking on tears.  She tried starting again, starting again, stopping again.  Those of us who knew about her family's struggles with cancer knew why she couldn't get through it.  We were weeping, too.  But the congregation carried her on.  We sang it, we finished it.  She finished it.  Breath of heaven.

The song feels like such a desperate cry for Jesus- how could we not all weep with our friend?

We are struggling with cancer or we're not.  We have all our family together for Thanksgiving or we don't.  We have adorable children dressed as pilgrims or we don't.  We are rich or poor, we have small unimportant jobs or we're VIP's.  It doesn't matter.

We all need Jesus. 

Like, really need Him.  This world is far too broken and too hard and death looms too large for us.

We struggle, we're tired, we're scared and we need him.

So November was a blur- for me, mostly a good and full blur- but I'm hoping December is slower, more focused.  Maybe I'll be a better friend and a better mom and a better wife and offer more patient love.  Or maybe I'll fall flat on my face again.  But either way, this song is and will be a good prayer for the days ahead.



Breath of heaven, hold me together.  Hold her together.  Hold them together.  Be forever near us, breath of heaven....

*lyrics by Amy Grant and Chris Eaton

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

just a spoonful

Mary Poppins was so right.  Just a spoonful of sugar DOES help the medicine go down.  My spoonful might be Bill Evans on the record player or an episode of Call the Midwife while I fold laundry.

Asher's might be a mask and new Angry Birds Star Wars pajamas. 

Whatever works! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

keep going

as found on someone's FB feed

I've been devouring Charles Swindoll's book on the apostle Paul.  The book is about Paul's life, but really it's about God- just in the framework of Paul's life.   But that's a given considering that all Saul did pre-conversion was kick against God and all he did post-conversion is work tirelessly and diligently for Him, giving all the glory back to Him. 

On this chilly Monday morning, I ran across a good reminder I thought I'd share.  Whether Paul was being wrongly worshipped or stoned by a crowd, he didn't quit and he never forgot his audience.  About this, Swindoll writes, "When you're praised and applauded, don't pay any attention.  And when you're rejected and abused, don't quit.  It wasn't human opinion that called you into the work you're doing.  So don't let human responses or criticisms get you sidetracked.  Keep going."

Whatever you've been called to do, keep going for your audience of One. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014