Wednesday, March 30, 2016

lentography to Resurrection Day

Life kind of got away from me and I didn't finish strong, but I sort of finished.  I'm counting it.  


There is a sad but comforting story to go with this picture.  I hope I remember it.  
 "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end" Lamentations 3:22-23



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

more Lentography





{I would love to see more of the big wide world that God loves but a pic of my favorite Noonday Collection earrings will do nicely- I love how this company connects and empowers women all over the world!}




{I found myself praying for my children, for Jack, for our family to be led on the paths of righteousness for his name sake}

{This one was amazing to me- Anna Grace had just had a Passover Seder at school and was telling me all about it and on the same day, I had done Easter photography sessions with a lamb.  An incredible day for "remember."}

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Coping with the rain days

Movie on 3-10-16 at 8.20 AM from Candace Chaney on Vimeo.

This is day two of no school and torrential rains.  And this is how we cope.

I'd like to thank Katie Mussat for introducing us to this song and Jimmy McIlrath for the inspiration- I've been wanting to do a family lip sync since your genius rendition of "Problem."  Our imperfect attempt brought to you by the great Northwest Louisiana flood of March 2016.  Pajamas all day.  

Monday, March 7, 2016

help, power, endure, celebrate

 Whether it's a song or a movie or a well executed football play or a photograph, beauty HELPS point us to Beauty.

And I should mention what a big help Anna Grace is to me in a lot of ways. She's my animal-loving, cupcake-baking, song-singing helper.

 The power of the family dinner table is very real.  I'm so glad to have captured this- something I normally wouldn't have seen because of its ordinary, every day-ness.

 The word "endure" made me think of friendships- especially with my long time buddies whose love stretches over miles and years like my friend Lydia.  She and I talked for over an hour while these two new friends played in the sun.  I am thankful for all the enduring friendships in my life and I pray for a similar blessing for my children.


We celebrated three baptisms yesterday- all three Greer kids!  Very special indeed and tonight, we'll celebrate some more.

And onward! 

Thursday, March 3, 2016


" will be established forever like the moon, the faithful witness in the sky."  Psalm 89:37

I couldn't find the moon- that faithful witness- on Tuesday night.  I was looking for it because my daily Lent photo challenge had me hunting for the word "witness," and the moon seemed just right.  Witness was the right word for the day, too.  Mid-morning I got one of those phone calls.  You know the ones- the one where you see that it's your friend or your sister and you're answer all chipper like "Hey, how's it going?" and then you hear the tears and the bad news and your heart sinks all the way to your stomach. 

So for most of the rest of the day I was sad but strangely nervous- absent-mindedly floating from task to task, not really getting anything done.  It was all just too sad and I was looking for something unchanging and true- a witness to the end of suffering and pain. 

I thought of the women at the empty tomb- of Peter running to tell the others that Jesus was alive. 


I bet the moon had been out that early morning when the ground shook and the stone was rolled away.  The moon saw it - witnessed it- this resurrection hope made manifest in a beaten and crucified God-Man rising from the grave. 

All our bad news stands in such contrast to the Good News that sin and death are overcome in the resurrection of Jesus- the hope of Easter living. 

Until all is made right again, we will weep and bear one another's burdens and mourn with all our bad news phone calls.  But we will also witness life reborn because of a Death-Defeating God who loves us and will see us through until that Day.