Monday, March 5, 2018

Feburary 2018

Highland parade was a cold one this year- Mardi Gras came early.  Asher was freeeeeezing.  I wore ski gear and Jack and Anna Grace laughed at me. But I wasn't cold so who's laughing now?

It was a rainy rainy rainy month.  

baby Chaney got dedicated and is growing growing- such a beautiful sweet babe

Zeke is confident and strong on the court

and he decorates his room with sports magazines and masking tape

Anna Grace's Mardi Gras bal came and went- she looked absolutely stunning

St. Marks 7th grade class

and Zeke turned 11 - he is an incredibly sweet and conscientious human and I am overwhelmed with love for this guy

I had the pleasure of goin to a photography conference in Amelia Island - Meg and I drove 26 hours round trip but it was well worth it!  

Jack turned 41.  He's still got it.  

We surprised Doneen at Ki Mexico- got her good.  How I love this friend!  

This pup is still my constant companion.  Wherever I am, there he is. is keeping me busy and I am crazy grateful to get to do something I love so much

All the gifts!  So thankful.  

Friday, March 2, 2018

all the little lights

Clearly I need to work on my videography skills, but still I'm glad to have documented Asher's second ukulele performance at our school's annual talent show.  Every year this little event rolls around, I just stand in the corner with my camera- beaming.  All kids being so BRAVE, standing up in front of everyone to showcase something beautiful they can do- it just thrills my heart.
I found this turquoise ukulele while I was at a photography conference in Florida.  When I gave it to Asher, his eyes were as wide as saucers, his jaw dropped, and he didn't speak for a good solid minute.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  He's been using his grandmother's ukulele from the 1950's which is admittedly just as awesome and we will always treasure it but this little aqua number is a fun new addition for sure. 

So proud of you, little buddy, and thank you for being such a devoted and amazing teacher. 

All the little lights shone so brightly on stage last night!  What a sight.