Monday, July 23, 2018

a car full and a corpse foot

We were busting at the seams with six kids and two mamas in one vehicle driving eight hours to the beach, but we did it and it was SO worth it.  It was a chicken nuggets and peanut butter crackers and cereal kind of trip with both of us reminding the kids not to get sand, water, or excess noise in the "mom area" on the beach.  And for the most part, it was a hexagon of kids splashing in the ocean for hours upon end while Nora and I let go of all the stuff of life that weighs on you and we just sat in God's gorgeous theater of green and blue that was Pensacola Beach and it was glorious.  Make that trip with your friend and her kids, friends. You won't regret it- even if a kayak lands on your foot and your end up with a foot so black and blue it looks completely dead.  Even that can't knock this kind of trip's payoff down one bit.  

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Nora Greer said...

yes to all of that! We need AG's list of words and phrases for the week!! #besttripever