Sunday, January 6, 2019

Emma Katherine and Caroline: a blessing

Because I had little ones of my own at the time, I couldn't make the drive to Fairhope, AL, when my oldest niece Caroline was born.  But this time with my kids older, I was able to make it for my newest niece, Emma Kate's birth day.  All that to say, because I feel as though my photos can be more than photos but also a prayer, I'm taking a minute to bless both Caroline and Emma Kate together.  So here is my hope and prayer for you, sweet girls.

I pray that the role "sister" would be a powerful and positive and guiding force in your lives.  May you be united, kind-hearted, and strong.  May you see each other as a gift, always.  May you bring Good News to the world- that the God who made us also loves us and saves us.  May you be wise and good, helping one another, picking one another up when you fall.  May you know how much you're loved and live out that love in a way that absolutely changes everything.

You two are and will be a force for good.  I love you, sweet girls.

All my love,

Aunt Candace

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